Aspect Group

Improving psychological safety in the workplace

Formerly known as ‘Mindful Employer’, The Aspect Group applies organisational psychology principles in the workplace that positively impact the mental health and well-being of employees as well as business performance.


The Aspect Group specialises in workplace mental health solutions through evidence-based mental health awareness and resilience training to employees, c-suite, senior leaders and managers across many industry sectors, making it one of the most experienced providers in Australia.

Helicopter Creative was approached by Mindful Employer to rebrand the organisation to help it differentiate, establish credibility, and emotionally connect with their target market to become the industry leader in the field of organisational psychology.

We helped the organisation move from being a specialised workplace mental health and well-being consultant to delivering a business-to-business suite of organisational psychological support services.


The crucial element in the rebranding process was formulating and highlighting the organisation’s differentiation in a crowded market-segment.

We utilised a human-centered design approach to completely redesign and restructure the way the organisation delivers and communicates their programs to individuals and sales material to corporate decision-makers.

We formulated an entire suite of targeted value propositions and sales proposals to help deliver smooth on-boarding of businesses into Aspect programs.

We developed a new suite of program presentations and Mental Health toolkits to support program roll-out.

We worked directly with Aspect’s clients to develop customised and tailored branded mental health programs.

The new Aspect Group brand had to be sophisticated, meaningful and rooted in emotional intelligence to open doors with corporate decision makers, conveying a powerful narrative around the importance of mental health in the workplace. Equally, the brand and narrative had to connect with employees at an individual level.


Over workshops and deep dives with the client, it became clear that there was a larger desire to go beyond simply raising awareness of mental health in the workplace, and help organisations with the creation of tailored and integrated organisational psychology strategies and programs.

A rebranding journey soon morphed into a strategic discussions about a consolidation of services, repositioning of brands, the creation a new larger organisation, and defining its overall service offering.

The outcome was a consolidation of services from Mindful Employer and associated businesses, creating ‘The Aspect Group’ which applies organisational psychology principles in the workplace that positively impact business performance.

The Aspect Group has reported significantly increased sales since the launch of its new brand. They won 10 out of 10 of their new business proposals consisting of blue chip corporates and major Government departments.

In addition, satisfaction ratings of individuals to be able to identify early signs of mental stress and utilise personal management strategies has improved since the rebranding.

Individuals also increasingly report that the mental health programs are excellent in reducing the stigma attached to mental illness, empowering them to find the strength to take action, or seek help.