Digital Talent Group

Driving a shift in education; empowering unemployed youth

Digital Talent Group (DTG) set out to create a smart learning pathway.

Their vision is to connect talented unemployed youth with businesses in need of a consistent digital and social media presence with the aim to maximise social outcomes: Reduce youth unemployment, increase SME digital reach, and boost national overall prosperity.


The brief was to create an iconic brand that resonates with investors interested in turning skillset challenges in the marketplace into prized opportunities; equally attract today’s youth who crave to make it in the gig-economy; and connects to SME’s looking for increase their digital presence.

The DTG brandmark symbolises ‘A Prism of Change’.


The single light source moving into the prism represents marketplace challenges, with multifaceted opportunities for all stakeholders materialising.

The prism conveys that the future of work requires a profound reinvention of education. The prism is transformative: Gone are the days of life-time careers, assembly lines, and ideational conformity. Degrees are losing value; skills are now the job currency of the future.

The brandmark speaks of an energy and passion for change, different perspectives, a time to shine, collaboration, and transformation.